Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Today I sat down in my Photography 209 class thinking about how much it reminded me of my first day here in Commerce. It was in fall 2007 that I took my first photography class at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Of course, not knowing anyone, I sat alone wondering how this semester might unfold. My professor was Vaughn Wascovich, a random guy coming in claiming to be the professor, but then asking if any of us really knew if he was an actual professor and not some random guy off the streets. Let's face it he did have one crazy beard. Now I sit here in another one of his interesting classes three years later wondering how this semester will unfold as well. This semester I know for sure the guy works here, but what will he teach me now? I learned a lot the first time around but what awesome things will I get this year? I am excited to embark on this journey of learning and inspiration so here goes! I am not only creating this blog for my class but also for myself. I have been wanting to do this for a while and this was just the kick in the butt I needed.

Now to begin with what Vaughn wants...my goals for the next five years. It seems like that is ever-changing for me because being in the world of photography and the world of wildlife is hectic. Both worlds have a knack for constant updating in knowledge. I need to be researching what cameras and lenses are the best for what time or place. Then again I must also know the animal I am shooting or the one I will be rehabbing tomorrow because there is new information on many species every day. Also do not forget how many more species are discovered every day. With my camera I feel that the world is my playground. With animals I feel that the world is disappearing for them and for us. In five years or more I would like to be in a place where I can have enough influence on the community I am in to invoke a change in how we treat our environment. I want to not only get people to see how amazing wildlife can be but I want to also inspire them to take action. If I were to work at a magazine where my assignment was to pick a photo every week and tell how the community can create there own version or do their part in creating a better environment, that would be my dream job. For example, if I were to take a picture of a raccoons and say look how cute they are, people may not think the same way because they can be such nuisances. I would write an article about how people can take steps to making their backyards a better place that will not attract these innocent animals. Getting to this place would require knowledge on wildlife and photography so I have decided to try to get into another Wildlife Rehabilitation center after I graduate and work there a few years. In order to do that I will get my Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences next spring by graduating with a major in Wildlife Management and Conservation Science with a minor in Photography. Therefore, my goals are graduating, getting a job, and doing what I love. Also, make money, but that is pretty obvious right?

Next on the list, some pictures from my summer. I was hired as an intern for the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts. I learned how to handle and feed raccoons, skunks, flying squirrels, ducklings, grackles, robins, starlings, house sparrows, doves, wrens, orioles, blue jays, cardinals, grey catbird, osprey, foxes, grey squirrels, eastern cottontails, Virginia opossums, red-tailed and broad-winged hawks, snapping turtles, eastern painted turtles, eastern box turtles, gulls, cormorants, loons, bats, and a woodchuck. This list can go on but I will not bore you. The veterinarian there taught me many things on my clinic days. I helped perform surgeries, necropsies, and had to euthanize animals in pain. It was a very heart-wrenching experience. I saw amazing recoveries and astounding releases so I have decided to show photography from my time there. 

Statue of Liberty
Adorable Raccoon I bottle fed.
Skunk I was bottle feeding.
Tiny raccoon being bottle fed.
At Cahoon Hollow Beach.
Opossum snoozing.
Beautiful coyote.
Up close and personal with an annoying fly.
Raccoon release.
Seals at Chatham Beach.
Awesome sunrise in Barnstable.
Portraits at the beach.

So I took a lot of pictures this summer but these were the least I could imagine posting. Enjoy! I plan on doing four photography projects for the semester one of which will be the one I am already working on, a picture every day for a year. Another one I would like to try is experiment in the studio with different lighting. The third will be of nature (of course). The fourth is yet to be decided but it will be epic, you just wait. That is it for today. 

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