Thursday, September 16, 2010

Class Notes and Such

Since the beginning of class Vaughn has been telling us to make a blog and continue updating it. Things on the blog should include pictures I have taken for the class, current events in art twice a week, notes from class, and research inspirations for future projects. So right now I am going to let you in on some notes I have taken. 

~Notes so far~

Some things to do:
  • Make a blog, check! 
  • Make a list of goals, check.
  • Make a website, check.
  • Make a blurb book by the end of the year. 
  • Enter three shows or more. Some places to go
  • Get supplies - lights, clamps, white cards, black cards, silver and gold matte board, good hard drive.
  • Get a subscription to
Also Vaughn has made a class blog for us to keep updated on class stuff. It is, and another website to look at for class is Two others to get inspiration from are,,, and

The first assignment was to start getting familiar with the studio by shooting a pot, a painting with texture, and something behind glass. The second assignment was to make interesting photographs of an egg, a piece of paper, and a glass of water. The third assignment is to photograph a white surface with light modulation in the studio and in the wild, also to find six photographers that did this. The last thing to do is to take a series of photos to make a funny movie. All these assignments will be posted here on this blog when they are finished. The first assignment was already posted.

For my first project on nature, Vaughn said I should narrow down my selection and read a book by Least Heat Moon called Prairie Earth. Another few I found that he wrote were Blue Highways and River Horse. I also found a great website

Now some photographers/artists to look at for inspiration:
  • Randy Regier
  • Henry Domke
  • Tim Hawkinson
  • Josef Sudek
  • Irving Penn
  • Harold Edgerton
  • Ralph Goings
  • David Bailey
  • Odilon Redon
  • Olivia Parker
  • Jan Groover
  • Laura Letinsky
  • Frederick Sommer
  • Paul Outerbridge
  • Jonathan Harris
  • James Casebere
And always remember - Light is the most important part of photography, without it you have nothing. Light, light, light!! 

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