Monday, September 20, 2010

Future Refrigerators

I found an article about some concept refrigerators that could be sold one day. The first is the Modular Refrigerator shown below.

This would be a great refrigerator for students in college living together. It has a lot of different segments that would be for each student to have their own.

The next is the Bio Robot Refrigerator as shown below.

This refrigerator has a non-sticky gel that surrounds the food. The strong surface tension of the gel helps to build a separate pod for each item and helps to keep all the food items cool through luminescence.

The last one I thought was cool is the Collapsible, Portable, and Green Refrigerator as shown below.

This refrigerator saves energy by the central pillar, which supports each level and moveable layers. This allows cold air, generated at the base, to easily circulate upward through the different spaces. Very cool concept for small spaces.

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