Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project Stuff

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and looked for some dollhouse furniture for my next assignment. I know it sounds complicated huh? Well here is the next assignment description:

"So the challenge is to build a small set in the studio. The most successful ones will most likely be architectural in some way, an interior space for example. Once you've built the set, try shooting it with a variety of lighting situations, from the most realistic to the most fantastic."

Some main inspirations on this project are:

James Casebere

Lori Nix

I spent about two hours researching some scenes I could create and about two at the store looking for some key items. Then about two hours total debating with my parents over some ideas I could use. Today I began working on all this in the studio. This took me about six hours So a rough estimate of about twelve hours grand total on this project so far. All that is left is the review and maybe a bit more in the studio.

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