Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Photo Project

I intend to create a project over a wildlife refuge in Sherman, Texas called Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. The Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Big Mineral Arm of Lake Texoma between Oklahoma and Texas on the Red River. The refuge includes 3,000 acres of marsh and water and 8,000 acres of upland and farmland and was established in 1946. The marshes and waters are in constant use by migrating and wintering waterfowl during fall, winter, and spring. The refuge provides habitats for all kinds of wildlife mainly waterfowl such as Canada, snow, white-fronted, and Ross' geese along with pintail, mallard, gadwall and other ducks. White pelicans by the thousands can be seen here during their spring and fall migrations which is something I intend on portraying in the project. Deer, turkeys, bobcats, hawks, and songbirds are also abundant including feral hogs. Many recreational opportunities are offered at the Refuge including bird and wildlife observation, auto tours, hiking trails, fishing, hunting, boating, and paddling.The project will attempt to give the viewer an idea of the beauty of the area and will also be a way of educating the public on the world around them or at least in the Texoma area. It will also be a closer look at the hand of man on wildlife and plant life. In the blurb book that I will create, I will possibly identify the main subject in the picture and give some background information and why it is important for the environment.

Here are some inspirations: 

Here are a few photos I have been working on already:

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