Friday, December 24, 2010


Well I have some life altering news to tell everyone. It all started when I went to get my boyfriend Karim from the airport. We went to a place we both love called Fat Straws and killed some time before heading over to Rockwall, TX to eat and walk along the lakeside. Rockwall is the place where we had our first date so we were reminiscing once we got there. I was also taking pictures with my big camera,
 and then Karim looked over at this lighthouse and said "Hmm, I wonder what those papers say..." So I zoomed in with my camera and took a picture and this is what I saw:
Then I turned around and looked at him and he got down on one knee and proposed. I was sooo excited, we both were. It was a great date. So I am now engaged to be married to the man of my dreams.
Merry Christmas to me! Happy holidays everyone! More pictures on Facebook but video will be posted to youtube by Karim later.

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