Friday, September 18, 2015

The Lone Star State

Before the holidays start up again in retail world, I took off for a trip to Texas to see my family. We are really close so it is hard being so far away from them. But, it just makes the times I do get to see them even more awesome and jam packed with fun things to do. We always have to go and visit Hagerman Wildlife Refuge. It is one of our favorite places. The area they live in had a lot of flooding in the spring and the refuge was completely under water and closed most of the summer. It had just opened back up when I got to Texas so we had to take a look. It was crazy seeing how high the water line was on the trees. All the trees just had green on the very top and then at a point all the leaves just cut off from where the water had been. Now that the refuge was starting to recover, the public could come to visit again. They recently built a very impressive butterfly garden to attract many kinds of pollinators and to educate the public. My parents are volunteers at the refuge and helped with this project so we went and they showed me the garden. I could not resist snapping a ton of photos with my sony. 

My parents
And hummingbirds too!
Another adventure we went on was to White Rock Lake in Dallas to see the Monk Parakeets and the Wood Ducks. The Monk Parakeet is originally from South America. These in the White Rock Lake area were supposed pets released into the wild that apparently thrived in the Texas climate. They were very cute and also very noisy. It was interesting to see so many different kinds of animals adapting to urban life. The wood ducks have very interesting colors and were very stunning to observe. 

I had a great time seeing all my family, friends, and old favorite hangouts. It was an awesome trip that had me longing to never leave that beautiful Texas countryside and its big open skies.

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